Summer Institute
  • General Information: 

    Summer School will be held from Tuesday, June 29th - Wednesday,  July 28th.  There will be no school on Friday, July 2nd or Monday, July 5th due to the holiday. There are two sessions: one is early morning (7:30 or 8-10:30, depending on the class); the other is mid-morning (10:35-1:05 or 1:35, depending on the class). The total amount of days in class is 20 and attendance is mandatory. 

    Other important information:

    • Classes will be held in-person (except for Health)
    • We will have a FAQ sheet coming out shortly
    • Please contact Mike Tarlin at with any questions 
    • Please access our twitter site at Twitter - @fhs_summer


    Original Credit Registration

    Recovery Credit Registration

    CREDIT PROVISIONS: At Framingham Summer Institute, students are able to take courses for either original or make-up credit. In order to receive make-up credit for a course, a student needs to have completed the full course during the school year and received a failing grade. 

    • For students at FHS, if a course is offered at FSI, credit for an equivalent course will not be accepted from any other summer school. 
    • Non-residents must ask administrators at their schools in advance whether course credit will be approved and recognized. 

    AUDITING COURSES Students that have registered and paid the regular tuition are permitted to audit courses for NO academic credit. Students may participate fully in classes and will receive informal evaluation from teachers. 


    Here is a listing and description of our Original Credit Classes: 

    Framingham Summer Institute 2021  ORIGINAL CREDIT COURSES (GRADES 9 – 12) 


    Health Education (7:30-10:30) M-F .5 Credits 

    Students will gain the knowledge and skills to make informed, responsible decisions for healthy living. The areas of study will include wellness, communication skills, cancers, infectious diseases, social and emotional health, sex and family life education, violence prevention, sexual harassment and substance free lifestyles. This course satisfies a semester of the Health Education graduation requirement at FHS and can be applied proactively toward the next school year. NOTE: This will be held remotely during the 2021 Summer Institute. 

    Lifetime Activities (7:30-10:30) M-F .5 Credits 

    During the Lifetime Activities segment of the physical education program, students will experience a wide variety of activities focusing on lifelong participation. These activities will include the racquet sports of tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and softball as well as, archery and golf. The pursuit of lifelong fitness will be emphasized. This course satisfies a semester of the Physical Education graduation requirement at FHS and can be applied proactively toward the next school year. 

    Creative Writing (10:35-1:35) M-F .5 Credits 

    This course will help students become more creative, develop an individual writing style, and develop facility in written communication. Many writing assignments stimulate students to observe the world around them and to incorporate their impressions and ideas into their writing. Students will be asked to write poems, journals, short stories and plays. This class is for English credit and can be applied proactively toward the next school year. 

    Study Skills (7:30-10:30) M-F .5 Credits 

    A course for students who demonstrate difficulties navigating the necessary executive functioning skills of planning, organizing, monitoring performance, and general follow through; all skills that are critical for achieving success in high school. This course may be of particular interest to students entering 9th grade who feel they are lacking in these areas. The course will teach skills such as how to organize a binder, creating checklists, planning and studying for tests and taking notes. Students will learn wherein lie their organizational strengths and weaknesses and work to make improvements. Summer reading for English will also be incorporated into the curriculum. This course satisfies a semester of the Practical Arts graduation requirement at FHS and can be applied proactively toward the next school year. 

    Spanish for Success:  (7:30-10:30) M-F  .5 Credit  This is a review course designed to strengthen students' confidence in Spanish. We will review salient topics from Spanish 1/middle school, including noun-adjective agreement, pronouns, ser/estar, gustar, and regular and irregular present-tense verbs. While the focus is on reinforcing key grammar structures, students will also expand their vocabulary and work on their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The course will be conducted mostly in English, but students will be expected to complete work in Spanish. Prerequisite: This course is open to all students entering Spanish 2ACP or higher. Students must have completed Spanish 1ACP or 8th-grade Spanish. This course does not count toward the World Language requirement. *Non Credit beating
    World Perspectives through Foreign Film:  (10:35-1:35) M-F .5 Credits  This course will explore world cultural perspectives through foreign films. It will cover a wide range of themes relevant to the global society within different contexts: sports, immigration, social and economic class, psychology, politics, war. We will also look at different genres of films from around the world, for example: short films, comedy, drama, fantasy, documentary, musical. All films will be shown in their original languages with English subtitles. All discussions and assessments will be in English

    College Readiness Course (10:00 am - 12:00 pm) -The purpose of this one week course is to help prepare students for and begin the college application process. This includes how to navigate Naviance, write a college essay, fill out the college application, and look at colleges that fit students’ interests. The course will be a one-week session, Monday through Friday. July 19th - July 23rd 


    MAKEUP AND REVIEW PROGRAM (GRADES 9 – 12)  (8-10:30 am or 10:35-1:05 pm, depending on the class) 

    English 1

    Grade 11 English/Grade 12 English 

    English 2

    Modern World History 

    US History 1 and US History 2


    Algebra 1

    Algebra 2

    Earth Science






    Tuition: Out of District studnet Credit Recovery Tuition $195.00 No refunds will be made after June 28,2021, unless the class is canceled. 

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FSI is a self-supporting school. Financial aid is extremely limited and may be available to students with very unusual circumstances of need. Only Framingham residents with a good attendance record in the Framingham Public Schools will be considered. Applications are available in the summer school office. The deadline for submitting an application is June 25, 2021. Any applications lacking the required documentation and signatures will not be considered. 


    • Due to the limited number of class days and the intensity of the program, attendance to all classes is mandatory
    • No tuition will be refunded if a student is dropped or fails due to excessive absences or tardiness. THERE ARE NO EXCUSED ABSENCES. Students who exceed two absences may be removed from the program. 
    • Tardies and absences are subject to the discretion of the director. 

    STUDENT CONDUCT All students are expected to comply with the same rules of conduct that apply within the Framingham Schools during the regular school year. Attire may be comfortable, but should be keeping with the prevailing standards for school dress. 

    Note: Though these classes have a fee, we are strongly encouraging all students interested to apply;  we will have financial aid readily available. We want to provide all students interested with the means to enroll in these classes! Please contact Mike Tarlin for more information.

  • Mike Tarlin, Coordinator