International Spanish Academy (ISA)

  •  International Spanish Academy (ISA)

     ISA (International Spanish Academy)

    The International Spanish Academies project (ISA) is a bilingual, Spanish/English educational model that the Spanish Department of Education and Science promotes in collaboration with American educational authorities. Broadly defined, it is a teaching model based on a shared curriculum of both languages, used for primary as well as secondary education. The International Spanish Academies (ISA) constitutes an educational program in English and Spanish through the collaboration of American and Canadian public schools and the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain.

    Framingham's Barbieri and Walsh Elementary Schools are part of ISA International Spanish Academy. This program was established in order to develop quality Spanish-English bilingual education programs that promote high academic standards, as well as provide students with the values of multicultural education. 

The Ministry, through the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain, offers the School, as an ISA member, the following resources and programs:

    • Assistance in obtaining validation and recognition of academic accreditation

    • Specialized visiting teachers

    • Courses for teachers and school administrators in Spanish universities

    • Scholarships for summer institutes
    • Language and culture assistants
    • School exchanges

    • Professional development for teachers

    • Participation in an ISA network in North America

    • Connection with other Spanish and International organizations

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