2023-2024 Process for Schedule Change Requests 

    Course Level Overrides (current high school students only):  

    During the Course Selection Process, students and parents who are considering an override to a higher  leveled course (ie ACP to Honors) must understand the increased expectations, commit to these expectations,  and seek help from the teacher as needed. To initiate the course override process, students must be earning a  grade of B or higher in the current subject. After the override process is completed during course selection, no  course overrides will be permitted. However, students may engage in the level change process the following  academic year. Please see the level change process for more information. Students must also be aware of the  academic eligibility policy and be in compliance with this policy to participate in co-curricular activities. The  course override request form will be made available as a paper form that requires signatures from student and parent/caretaker. 


    Course Level Overrides (incoming 9th graders): 

    Incoming 9th graders will not be permitted to complete a course override to a higher leveled course. 8th Grade teachers can modify their recommendation based on student progress during the second semester.  Students can initiate a level change after 1st Term Progress reports if the student is earning a B or higher in  the 9th grade subject. 


    Level Changes: Students requesting a level change must stay in the leveled subject until 1st Term Progress  Reports. A level change form must be completed for any level changes that occur during the school year. The  link to the  Level Change Form can be found here. 

    ● Level changes can only occur at the start of a new term if space is available.  

    ● When a student requests to change a level (AP, Honors, ACP, CP) after starting a course, the academic  grades and attendance records from the initial course automatically transfer directly to the subsequent  course placement. 

    ● Exception: If the level change is driven by the teacher or if the teacher feels a student is misplaced,  the teacher will communicate the need for a level change to the student, parent/guardian, counselor and  Department Head. 


    Add/ Drop Period: Students will be permitted to make changes to their schedule during the first full cycle of  the academic year only. Changes permitted during the add/drop period include: 

    ● Modifications needed to fulfill graduation requirements 

    ● Filling “un- scheduled periods”  

    ● Adding a TA, Independent Study, or ADC to their schedule 

    ● Changes to electives based on priority requests and availability in the student’s schedule. 

    **Please Note: During the Add/Drop period, level changes are not permitted. **


    Course Withdrawals: In the event that extenuating circumstances necessitate a student withdrawing from a  course, the student will not receive credit. A student withdrawing from a course after Term 1 Report Cards  will receive a W on the Report Cards