• Beyond the Black and White logo shows a hand drawn pencil, writing on paper, and the silhouette of a person coming off page

  • Credit and Kudos

    'Beyond the Black and White' was created from brainstorming sessions after identifying a need to showcase staff and student stories. The majority of the documentation was created by FHS student, Jenna Riedl (Class of 2019). She came up with the project title, category titles, and drafted all of the behind the scenes writing that supports content solicitation. She also drew the Beyond the Black and White project logo, began staff and student outreach, and organized the project details in a binder and in a series of Google folders. 

    The Beyond the Black and White video was created by FHS student, Megan Sidmore (Class of 2020). Megan currently produces a weekly segment for Flyer News with a similar structure. Her time-lapse and stop-motion video-art segment supports showcasing each week in History. After one meeting where Megan was introduced to the project concept, she put together a story-board to outline her plans for the video. With a few minor suggestions, the green light gave way to a quick, but impactful video that helps tell the story of the 'Beyond the Black and White' project which will hopefully encourage submissions.

    The main languages in the Framingham Public School District are English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Therefore, we solicited help from students and staff to provide the voiceovers which make the video accessible to our community. Thank you Glenda Espinosa, Secondary Two-Way Bilingual Department Head, for finding Citli Valencia Cordova (FHS student, Class of 2021) who created the Spanish audio for the video. Thank you to Renata Hingston, Secretary at Framingham High School, for providing the Portuguese audio for the video.