• Notes From Home

    Is a doctor’s note required to verify an absence for illness/injury?
    The Attendance Policy requires that children with an illness or injury that keeps them out of school for more than three consecutive be assessed by a licensed medical professional. Generic doctor’s office notes will no longer be accepted at that point.

    A child may miss school a maximum of 5 non-consecutive days during each school year for illness or injury without documentation from a health care provider. All subsequent absences for illness or injury will be considered unexcused unless accompanied by documentation from a licensed medical professional who has assessed the child.

    What happens if I fail to call or provide a note for my child’s absence from school?
    If you fail to verify a student’s absence by phone or note, the absence will be considered unexcused. For safety purposes, the school will send an automated message to any parent/guardian whose student is not present in school and was not called in by a parent/guardian.

    Do I need to provide a note when my child arrives to school late or leaves early?
    Yes, you are required to provide documentation for any late arrival (tardy) or early dismissal. The criteria for excused tardiness or early dismissal are the same as those outlined above for absences. All absences, including late arrivals and early dismissals for whatever reason, result in the loss of valuable instructional time and can ultimately impact a student’s academic and social growth, progress, and success.