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    PBIS Overview

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is the behavior framework that FPS has chosen to address a range of social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students. PBIS is a research proven framework that has been utilized in over 20,000 schools across the country, and aligns with the multi- tiered system of support that is being implemented in schools for academics. The PBIS approach was selected because it uses proactive strategies to teach clearly defined behavioral expectations and provides targeted support for students in need of more social, emotional, or behavioral support through a data driven identification process.

    Pre-K through 8 schools across Framingham are progressing through the tiers of PBIS, as fidelity and sustainability is achieved. Each school has an identified PBIS administrator, a PBIS coach, and a school based team. School’s have an established set of explicitly taught core values, an acknowledgement system to promote expected behaviors, a clear process to follow when students are not demonstrating those behaviors, and a database to log all disciplinary infractions. PBIS works through a tiered system. Tier 1 implements general academic and behavior support to all students within the school, tier 2 targets and implements supports for students who need more frequent social, emotional, and behavioral feedback or additional work on social, emotional, and behavioral skills. Tier 3 implements very specialized and individualized support for students with high-risk behavior and/or individualized social, emotional, and behavioral skills.

    Long term expected outcomes of implementation and fidelity of a PBIS framework include reduction in referrals to special education, reduction in suspension, more time spent on learning, and increased positive school culture.  Improvements to a school’s PBIS framework are always in the works based on student and staff need.