• District Resources & Intiatives

    The Department of Health and Wellness is committed to supporting all aspects of our students’ health and wellbeing. Encouraging our students’ physical, social, emotional and behavioral growth through the creation of supportive learning environments is essential to their school and life success. As part of the effort to create and implement a coordinated comprehensive approach to addressing these needs while also promoting strong climate and culture, engaging instruction for academic and social emotional learning, proactive student-specific support, systemic family and community engagement, and strategic partnerships, The Department of Health and Wellness benefits from collaborations and support from a variety of community and state stakeholders. One component is through consitently writing and winning competetive grants to further it's contributions to FPS.

    The active grants include:

    • “Systems for Student Success Action Planning Initiative” is a competitive yearly grant funded by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide technical support and funding for the development of a three to five year strategic plan to implement programs focused on school climate and social emotional learning district-wide. This is the 3rd year in a row that the Framingham Health & Wellness Office has won this grant. In part it has funded extensive training for Responsive Classrooms, and Social Emotional Learning focused education.

    • McKinney Vento: Ensures the educational stability and rights of at risk students that are homeless, transient, and/or involved with DCF  by promoting collaboration and coordination among child welfare systems and working with the appropriate parties to to establish policies and procedures related to the unique needs of the student. Identifies high risk students with potential for instability in family, residence, school and  attendance and work to lessen barriers to learning.

    The complete grants include:

    • Facebook Academic Action Grant: This provided fifteen thousand dollars to train teachers and administrative staff.
    • Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) conducted a district needs assessment regarding meeting the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of our students; funded by the MetroWest Health Foundation.
    • “Acknowledging Adolescent Stress: Reducing the Negative Effects Through Mind/Body Skills/ Resilient Schools” was an initiative to implement Massachusetts General Hospital’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine’s Resilient Youth approach to stress reduction. This research-based program brought relaxation response-based coping skills and life management tools (mind/body skills) to educators and students to help better manage daily stress, and positively impact student’s health and academic performance. Framingham’s own adolescent health nurses Cheryl Girelli and Mynette Shifman conceived of, designed, and implemented this mindfulness program in September 2014.

      Funded by the MetroWest Health Foundation, this grant laid the framework for the mindfulness education initiatives throughout the district. Although complete, this initiative has been continued through other grants and initiatives.

    • “Promoting Adolescent Health and School Success”: a five year program to create safe and supportive learning environments with a focus on strengthening supports for LGBTQ; funded by DESE.

    • MA Department of Public Health Essential School Health Services (ESHS): program funds SHS infrastructure with personnel, professional development opportunities, and equipment and technology.