Special Education


    The mission of the Special Education Program at Fuller Middle School  is to facilitate the access to general education curriculum by individualizing the instruction and supporting students based on specific identified needs.



    We envision that identified areas of academic,  behavior and emotional deficits will be prescriptively addressed through the use of evidence-based practices and instruction that focuses on closing learning gaps and preparing our students for successful transition to high school and beyond.



    We believe that…


    • Inclusion means that all students are members of the general education classroom as a community
    • Co-teaching means that the general and special educator are partners who co-plan and collaborate to deliver effective lessons
    • IEPs drive our services
    • A spectrum of services offered both within and outside of the general education classroom will help bridge the learning gaps for special education students
    • Behavioral, emotional, and social learning are critical components of instruction
    • We collaborate with high school programs for a smooth transition
    • We are able to move the ‘whole’ student forward (emotionally, academically and socially) by building strong relationships with academic team, guidance, stakeholders, and the student.



    Special Education department at Fuller Middle School aims to provide the appropriate level of special education services (co-teaching, individual instruction, consult, and collaboration) with the supports we need in order to increase integration and improve students’ academic performance as measured by iReady, MCAS, classroom performance, and informal formative assessments.


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