FAQs: Gateway Online Registration

  • Frequently Asked Questions
     about the Gateway Online Registration

    1.  What information will this system collect?
      . Student Information (name, DOB, demographic information, primary contact phone number)
      . Parent/Legal Guardian Information
      . Emergency Contact
      . Parent/Legal Guardian Agreements 
        (health information policy, medical information release, responsible use procedures and terms and conditions for device  usage, release of school records authorization)
      . Electronic signature acknowledging all information is correct 

    2. Will I be able to register multiple students at once?
      Yes. Once you have completed the first registration, you will be given the option (on the Confirmation page) to start another registration form. Selected family information will prepopulate the form for your additional child(dren). This means that once you enter your name, address, emergency contacts, etc., for one child, it will link to your next child’s form without having to re-enter the data. You will still be required to provide information that is specific for each child. 

    3. What should I do if I do not have an email address?
      To access the registration form, the parent/guardian must create an account to be associated with the student’s form. An email address is required as it will ensure that you receive a confirmation email after the form has been completed. Several online companies allow you to sign up for a free email account. If you would like to set up an email account and need help, the Parent Information Center has computers available and the staff can help you. Alternatively, a cell phone number may be used to create the account.

    4. What should I do if I do not have Internet access?
      If you do not have access to the internet at home, local library, or other location, the Parent Information Center can provide access to a computer to register online. 

    5. What happens if I need to stop before I am finished completing the form?
      If you need to stop before you have completed the registration form, click on the “Save and Logout” button at the top right of the screen. Your information will be saved in your account for the next time you return and login. 

    6. Who do I call with questions or for assistance?
      On each page of the online registration form, there is a link (“Contact Us”) at the bottom which will open the Parent Info Help Center where you can search for information related to your issue. For assistance with the forms you are completing, contact the Parent Information Center at 508-424-3420.

    7. I’ve completed the form, now what?
      Once you have finished entering your information, click Submit. This will send all of the information you’ve entered to the Parent Information Center. 
      Schedule your in-person registration appointment online!
      You can now easily book yourself your appointment at the end of the online application.

      It is necessary for a parent / guardian to come in person to the Parent Information Center to complete the enrollment process.