Late Buses at Framingham High School

  • For the first time, late buses are being offered from Framingham High School Monday through Thursday. Prior to this, late buses had only been offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Late buses are made available for students who participate in after-school programs, athletics, or who receive after-school support from Teachers.

    There is a North Side Bus and a South Side Bus - both of which have limited pre-determined stops. The buses leave FHS at 4:00pm.

    Students who wish to take the late bus home, must sign up for the stop of their choosing by 1:00pm in the main office. This happens on the day transportation is needed.

    Please refer to the FHS School Calendar, visit the main office, or the school Library to ensure that the late buses are running when you need them.

    Framingham Public School Bus Image