The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement

  • The Office of Equity aims to ensure that the Framingham Public Schools is an educational and working environment unimpeded by bias or discrimination, where individuals of all backgrounds and experiences are welcomed, included, encouraged, and can succeed and flourish.

    Who We Are

    The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement works to support students, families, and staff in issues of harassment and bias. We aim to systematically implement best practices and boldly innovate, with the goal of becoming a national model of broad participation, full inclusion, equity, and social justice in a diverse suburban school district. With this target in mind, we are proud to work with students, families, staff, and administration to ensure that all Framingham Public School schools and offices are welcoming and nurturing environments. 

    What We Do

    We investigate allegations of bias or retaliation for previously reporting an allegation of bias, and offer resolution, when appropriate. We also provide trainings and counseling around equity issues. We are also the primary point of contact for employees seeking an accommodation for disability or religious reasons. Please contact us if you have any requests for an accommodation.

Dismantling Islamophobia

  • Title: Dismantling Islamophobia

    Description: Muslims are part of the fabric of American life and its diverse faith (or no faith) landscape. As part of our country's great melting pot, they mirror their fellow Americans in many respects. Yet, despite being a community that is so often talked about, Muslims in America are less often talked to. In fact, roughly half of Americans say they have never met a Muslim. This, coupled with negative political and social rhetoric, has led to mistrust, a lack of understanding and in some cases, bullying, discrimination and violence. In fact, 42% of Muslim families saying they have at least once child who has been bullied in the past year. Meira Neggaz, the Executive Director of ISPU, will share findings from their unique and often groundbreaking research on Muslim communities in America, who they are, their lived experiences, how the current climate is affecting them and what you can do to combat anti-Muslim sentiment in your classrooms and beyond.


  • Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement
    Tiffany Lillie
    Phone: 508-782-6890


     Photo of Anastasia Kayas

    Executive Assistant
    Anastasia Kayas
    Phone: 508-782-6878