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    Framingham Public Schools
    Fuller Middle School
    Questions and Answers
    Community Forum No. 7
    September 6, 2018 

    1. Relative to building security, will anyone entering the school from the main or community entrances have immediate access to the                  classrooms?
        The school will feature fortified vestibules at each entrance which will be enclosed in security glass. The visitor needs to pass through two locked doors          before entering into the school. The visitor will communicate through a bank teller-type window with school administrators while in the vestibule and then      once clearance has been made, be allowed to proceed through the next set of doors.

    2. How has the Committee chosen materials that will last 50 years?
        The building structure will be bolted steel with concrete floor slabs. The exterior cladding will be brick with rainscreen construction. The roof membrane is      PVC. These are all tried and true materials.

    3. What is going to happen to the existing Fuller Middle School while the new school is being built?
        The existing Fuller Middle School will remain functioning, uninterrupted and unimpacted during the entire duration of construction. It will not be until the        moment the new school is ready to be occupied that the children will be moved to the new school. There is enough of a barrier between the current Fuller      Middle School and the future site that there will be no impact on the function of the existing school and the areas where the children will be. The mostly        unoccupied portions of the existing school will be the closest to the construction site i.e. kitchen facilities, and the former Health Department offices.

    4. Is this part of the reason why the new school is being constructed in the parking lot on the existing Fuller Middle School site?
        Yes, because there is a significant cost to move the children off site to a swing space or to phase the construction in parts of the building while                      construction is underway, which would have been an additional tax burden to the taxpayer. Also, the City owns the Fuller Middle School site therefore does      not have to invest in another property.

    5. A lot of the Framingham schools’ kitchens are warming kitchens. Is it the new Fuller Middle School kitchen going to be a full kitchen?
        Yes, the kitchen will be a full kitchen.

    6. How much is the MSBA grant?
        The MSBA grant will be approximately $39.5 million.

    7. Is the new school fully air conditioned?
        The new school will be fully air conditioned.

    8. Will the new school be fully accessible?
        Yes, every aspect of the new school will be fully accessible. There will be one elevator which will be positioned near the main entry and community entry.