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    Questions and Answers
    Community Forum No. 6
    July 23, 2018 

    1. Has the total project cost been established yet?
        The approximate total project cost is $104 million.

    2. The Fuller Middle School will be finished with construction in 2021 and then the existing Fuller Middle School will be demolished to create
        parking and playfields, is this correct?


    3. Can you elaborate on what you are thinking with respect to open space, environmental and sustainability impact and the new building’s

        We have just started our conversation with Parks and Recreation regarding the exact use of the playfields. There will be a lot of new green space to                contribute to the cityscape of Framingham in addition to the playfield. The site’s impact on the surrounding wetlands is reduced by the reduction in the          impermeable area of the existing building. The buildings east-west orientation will optimize daylighting reducing the amount of electricity use in each            classroom. The building will have high performance mechanical systems and the SBC is exploring geothermal. The SBC has yet to decide what additional        costs would be associated with sustainability. The roof of the building will be structured to sustain the weight of photovoltaic solar panels in the future.

    4. Construction schedule has us breaking ground in the summer of 2019, is this correct?

    5. Will the site cost estimates be broken down into the major elements instead of lumped into one enormous number?
        Yes, the site work cost estimates will be broken down into the various site components.

    6. Where will a classroom addition be located if additional space is needed?
         A potential location for a classroom addition would be at the end of the classroom wing.

    7. If we are planning to have a 15% increase in capacity on the current footprint, would it be accurate to assume that the mechanical and          electrical systems are already factored into the current price of $104 million and all we would be paying for is the classroom addition?
        No, that is not accurate. It isn’t typical practice to oversize the mechanical systems for a future building addition but they can be designed in such a way        that they can be added to at a future date.

    8. Can you clarify how the combined Technology Lab space and Fabrication Lab works?
        The technology laboratory space houses high powered computing that drives the fabrication equipment in the fabrication laboratory space. 9. Has it been      definitely decided that the entire building will have full air conditioning? Yes, the building will have full air conditioning.