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     Registration for new students (Grades K-12) for Fall 2019 

    Please fill out required information prior to the in-person registration appointment at the Parent Center.
    Appointments at the Center begin Monday, July 8th 2019. 
    Please read the following important information before starting (link below)

    • The online process is a pre-registration only.  
    • Families who complete the online pre-registration process will receive a date by email to come to our Center for a registration appointment. Students will not be considered enrolled until parents/guardians submit the required information during the in-person registration appointment. 
    • Please read the following important information before starting.
    • All students are required to register at the Parent Information Center.
    • Enrollment in the Framingham Public Schools is contingent upon residency
    • You must be a resident of Framingham in order to attend the Framingham Public Schools.
    • Before a student is registered for Framingham Public Schools and can begin school, his/her parent or legal guardian must provide proof of primary residence.
    • Temporary residence in the City of Framingham for the sole purpose of attending the Framingham Public Schools will not be considered residency.
    • Because residency may change for students and their families during the course of the academic year and a student’s educational life, the Framingham Public Schools may continue to verify residency after the commencement of classes.
    • Testing: Students whose first language is not English will be tested at the time of their appointment at the Parent Information Center to determine their English proficiency. Program recommendation will be made according to the test results. Testers will discuss results with parents. Click here for detailed information. 


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     Documents required at registration appointment
      Homeless families are encouraged but not required to provide these documents.

    1. Your child's birth certificate - (Long form/Government issued)
    2. Proof of residency - (Please click here for the acceptable documents)
    3. Proof of occupancy - (Please click here for the acceptable documents)
    4. Proof of identification - (Please click here for the acceptable documents)
    5. Your child's most recent physical examination and immunization record
      (Must be within the last 12 months)
    6. Records from Previous School

    If applicable:

    1. Individual education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan - If child receives Special Education Services
    2. Proof of guardianship/custody - If child is not living with one or both natural parents

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