• Room 1 Kindergarten Supply List

    If possible, please send your child in with the following supplies the first week of school (doesn’t have the be the first day!)

    • Full size backpack (not toddler sized)
    • Lunch box/bag and possibly a smaller snack bag
    • Thin glue sticks
    • Sandwich baggies OR Elmer’s glue bottle
    • Thin Expo Dry Erase Markers (fine-tip)

    → Since all supplies are shared, please do not label them. 


    Hemenway PTO would like to warmly welcome you and your family to Hemenway Elementary School! Due to enthusiastic parent teacher involvement, the PTO is able to help offset part of the school supply list for all students next year. The PTO will purchase 


    • 18 pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils; 
    • Crayola Crayons, 
    • Colored Pencils, and 
    • Markers for all Hemenway students. 


    Please review the flyers that will be sent home for information on Hemenway PTO and upcoming events geared for Kindergarten families.


    Dismissal 3:30 daily

    Making sure your child gets home the correct way is very important. Hemenway has 5 different dismissal options

    1. Bus
    2. YMCA After school program
    3. Parent Pick-up (students are dismissed from the cafeteria)
    4. Front Path (students leave WITH AN OLDER SIBLING through the right side of the building to meet a parent/guardian)
    5. Back Path (students are walked by Hemenway staff to the neighborhood behind Hemenway).

    It is very helpful to keep a consistent schedule for your child to assist with dismissal. If you need to change your child’s dismissal one day, please email me and cc the office staff tlambert@framingham.k12.ma.us. If you need to change your child's dismissal after 8:30am, please call the office as well.

    Lunch & Snack

    Kindergarten has lunch everyday at 11:30. Unlike other grades, we have an afternoon snack. This can make it difficult for children to know what they should eat during lunch, and what they need to save for snack. I highly recommend having 2 separate bags, 1 being for lunch and another small snack bag. This ensures your child will save something for snack!


    Birthdays are an exciting time for everyone.

    Many parents like to invite the class for birthday parties.

    • To pass out invitations at school, the Hemenway school policy is that students must invite either the entire class, all the boys, or all the girls. This ensures that no child is left out.
    • If your child would like to invite classmates , please bring invitations into class and I would be happy to help distribute. Unfortunately, I am not permitted to send out emails of other parents for evites.

    Some students like to bring in “goodie bags” for the whole class. Usually they consist of a pencil, eraser, or small toy. These are absolutely not necessary! If you do choose to bring in something please remember Hemenway’s no food policy.

    Mystery Reader

    Mystery reader is a time for parents and guardians to read a book or two to our classroom. Beginning around November a sign up genius will be sent home via email to read to our class. Although this is short, students love to have their parents/grandparents come in and read to our class!

    In order to come into our classroom, you MUST have an active CORI form on file with the office. These are also available on the Framingham town website. Please make sure if you are submitting a form to have a photocopy of the front AND back of your license!

    When will we talk?

    Curriculum Night (parents only)

    Fall Conferences (late October-early December)

    January Report Cards

    Spring Conferences

    June Report Cards

    emails krosenberg@framingham.k12.ma.us