• City of Framingham
    Fuller Middle School Feasibility Study
    Community Forum No. 3
    Questions and Answers

    1. What happens after the MSBA Board of Directors votes to approve the project at their meeting on October 31, 2018? The City will have 120 days to appropriate the total project funding.
    The City Council will vote to appropriate the project funding and, if required, a ballot vote would follow to approve the exclusion of the costs from the so-called Proposition 2-1/2 cap.

    2. Will the new school have the same amount of access to educational technology as today?
    All of the options will have significantly more access to educational technology than today. Additionally, each option includes a maker space and fabrication lab. The maker space is the space where you go to build. Think of it as the place where you go that has the materials and tools to build something. The fabrication lab is the technology space where you design with computers to create a 3D image/model and use a 3D printer to print a picture of the designs.

    3. Are there less playing fields in Option B.2?
    There is a slight difference in the amount of playing fields in Option B.2. All of the options will retain the access to the Galvani Fields complex.

    4. Does the cost for Options C.2 and D include an auditorium?
    No, the costs do not include an auditorium. The cost estimates will be updated to include the auditorium prior to the next Community Forum.

    5. What will the cost to add the auditorium to Options C.2 and D be?
    The cost for the new auditorium in Options C.2 and D will be estimated over the coming weeks. The auditorium that is contemplated for Option C.2 and D could be in the range of $6 million to $8 million, based on its size and complexity.

    6. Have you performed life cycle cost modeling to include the operational costs for each option?
    Life cycle costs for systems will be completed in the next phase of the study.

    7. Has there been an energy model performed for each option? What options allow for a greater amount of photovoltaic panels on the roof? Interestingly, the options that are best for maximizing rooftop photovoltaic panels are the worst for energy conservation. The best options for maximizing rooftop photovoltaic panels are the ones with the largest roofs, those are the 2-story options. Option C.2 however is 3-stories and has a smaller footprint and a smaller roof but it also has a more compact envelope.

    8. Would the MSBA allow the City to delay the submission of the Preferred Schematic Report on May 9, 2018 if a single preferred option cannot be agreed upon?
    The MSBA would allow more time if the School Building Committee decided they could not select a preferred option by the May 9, 2018 submission date. The MSBA is your partner and they want to see the City succeed. If the City finds that additional time is needed, the MSBA would work with you.

    9. Are the designs for Options A, B.2, C.2 and D etched in stone or will they be refined as the study progresses?
    No, they are not etched in stone by any means. There is room for development and change in the upcoming schematic design phase. We are just trying to test enough that we understand the viability, size and shape of each option and to have a certain degree of confidence in the costs.

    10. Where will the parking be relocated to during construction of Options B.2, C.2 and D?
    We are in the process of studying the location and quantity of temporary parking, to accommodate the parking spaces displaced by the construction of Options B.2, C.2 and D.