• City of Framingham / Framingham Public Schools
    Fuller Middle School Questions and Answers Community Forum No. 5
    June 11, 2018

    1. Will Fuller have a kitchen for Crimson Team students to continue the educational life skills
    Yes, we have been asked to provide space for that program.

    2. Will the middle schools become a lottery, so that all students have a chance to attend the new
    The District is looking into the lottery system as a whole. Consideration will be given to all of
    the middle schools when the evaluation and review takes place.

    3. What is fundamentally wrong with this building and what will this new building do to resolve
    these issues?
    The crawl space beneath the school has a dirt floor and due to the high water table and high
    moisture, the structure is deteriorating. Temporary columns were placed in the crawl space to
    support the concrete floor slab. The floor itself needs to be rehabilitated structurally and more
    importantly the roof was built with gypsum decking which deteriorates when any water hits it. The
    windows and walls are uninsulated and past their useful life. The mechanical electrical and
    plumbing systems all need to be rebuilt.

    4. Is there anything good about the building that we can save?
    We will establish a list of items within the existing Fuller Middle School that are memorabilia
    that can be incorporated into the new Fuller Middle School. This is something that we will look
    closer at as the design progresses.

    5. Will the new school have proper ventilation?
    The building will be designed with a high level of ventilation, far more ventilation than in a
    conventionally heated and cooled building. It is called displacement ventilation and we will
    discuss further as the design progresses.

    6. Did you consider how the new school will fit in with the other schools in Framingham? For
    instance, have you thought of splitting the middle schools up into individual grades for each
    school i.e. 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, so students would progress from one school to another
    as they continue through the middle school grades.
    Framingham Public Schools has spent nearly 10 years studying how the Fuller Middle School will best
    accommodate the needs of the Framingham students. The City and MSBA have determined that a Grade
    6-8 Middle School is the most appropriate solution.

    7. How is a new building going to resolve the high water table issue?
    The new building will have a structural design that will allow for a slab on grade with no
    crawl space beneath.