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    Fuller Middle School
    Questions and Answers
    Community Forum No. 4
    April 2, 2018 

    1. How many students go to the school now?
    There are currently 535 students attending Fuller Middle School.

    2. Will the school name change?
    There are no plans to change the school name.

    3. What is the significance of the Fuller School name?
    The Fuller Middle School is named in honor of Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller, the first AfricanAmerican psychiatrist and his wife, Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, a renowned sculptor.

    4. Will there be a debt exclusion ballot vote needed for the project?
    It is not determined yet if a debt exclusion ballot vote will be required for the project. This will be determined once the project costs are further known and if those costs can be accommodated within the current tax levy.

    5. When will the debt exclusion vote happen?
    The City will have 120 days from the date the MSBA Board of Directors approves the project to approve the project funding and debt exclusion vote.

    6. If the City Council votes to appropriate the funding at the end of October and the debt exclusion ballot vote is at the beginning of November, would that leave enough time for a campaign for the ballot vote?
    The voting dates have not been finalized and that is a good point to factor in.

    7. If the Ballot Vote does not pass, do we start back from scratch?
    If the City could not obtain its local funding, the project will be removed from the MSBA process and would need to start over again.

    8. Are we going to review the preferred design option tonight?
    The School Building Committee is still evaluating the four options and will be making a decision in early May. The School Building Committee is reaching out to the Community through these forums to have input in the decision-making process.

    9. Do the design options support the safety for our students?
    Yes, there have been many discussions on school safety. Each option has many levels of school security and each option has a hardened entrance.

    10. Each option is designed to support the idea of STEAM education. What are we doing to not have an outdated building if STEAM is only a fad?
    While each option is designed to support STEAM education, each option can function as a traditional school if the City reverts back to that idea.

    11. Will there be construction traffic through the neighborhoods?
    The construction traffic routing has not been established yet, but will designed to keep construction traffic out of the neighborhoods.

    12. There is a lot of open space across from Fuller, full of wild life, I think it would be great to use it as an outdoor classroom.
    That is a great idea, we will bring that to the School Administration.

    13. Are building operation costs the same for each option?
    They will be similar across each of the options.

    14. Have there been any plans made for the old Fuller School once the new Fuller School is built?
    Is it going to be torn down? The existing Fuller School will be demolished and replaced with open green space and parking.

    15. Do all of the options have auditoriums?
    Yes, each option has an auditorium.

    16. With the addition/renovation option is it possible to get the same performance of 50 years that you would with all new construction?
    Yes, that is the assumption presuming that we would do what is necessary to upgrade the existing school so that it could serve for another 50 years. Of the 4 options, the most expensive is the renovation of the existing building due to its size, and the second most is the addition/renovation of the building. The 3 new construction options are about the same cost.

    17. How can the public provide input into the selection of the preferred option?
    By providing input during the Community Forums and School Building Committee meetings. All of the School Building Committee meetings are open to the public. They are advertised and posted. The public can provide their feedback to the School Building Committee during their discussion of the options. The City Council Meeting and the School Committee Meeting are open to the public as well.

    18. What work will be done between May 9 and September 12?
    The Schematic Design Phase would commence. That is when the architects take the preferred design option and fully design the exteriors, interiors, furnishings and technology and all of the engineering systems such as HVAC, electric, technology, and structural systems. The site will also be developed in detail relative to parking, drainage, water supply, fire sprinkler supply. At the end of the Schematic Design Phase, the full detail of the design is known and detailed cost estimates are performed.

    19. Will there be time for public comment between May and October?
    Yes, we are anticipating three more Community Forums just like this one, during the Schematic Design Phase.