The Chosen Design - Folded Hands Plan


    The Folded Hands design option offers a new three-story construction with a learning commons/cafeteria at the core surrounded by collaboration balconies fronting a perimeter of classrooms, an 8,300-square-foot gymnasium, 420-seat auditorium, and full-building air conditioning. Additionally, there will be space for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) instructional areas.  No swing space is required during construction which means a lack of neighborhood interference and there will be no need to temporarily move students to an alternative location. 

    The approximate total project cost is $98.3 Million. The MSBA will provide Framingham a grant of up to 62.31% of the eligible Feasibility Study, design and construction costs, which means the the City’s share after the grant from the MSBA estimated to be $58.8 Million. The approximate average cost per year for the average residential tax payer is estimated to be $101 per year. 

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