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  • Mariah Linnett

    Mariah Linnett
    Creative Communications Designer
    (Office) 508-782-6098

    • Manages FPS social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube)
    • Digital and Print Design: brochures, booklets, social media graphics, etc.
    • School & District event photography / videography
    • Video editing, Branding, Additional support as needed

Framingham Public Schools Communication

  • Our Communications Office plays a strategic role in informing and engaging parents, students, staff members, residents, business and community partners, and the media. We are committed to providing timely and accurate communications that help build informed, supportive relationships.

    • Automated Calls (Robocalls), emails, and text messages through Blackboard Mass Notifications*
    • District and individual school websites and calendars
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube social media accounts
    • E-Newsletters from Smore (All Smore newsletters can be translated by clicking in the email, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and selecting 'Translate' in the black accessibility bar.)
    • Collateral materials, such as brochures and fliers
    • Photographs / Videos at school and district events
    • Community Forums
    • Media Relations

    *If at any time you need to update your Blackboard Mass Notification preferences to ensure you are receiving the outreach (non-emergency) and emergency notifications on the device of your choice - please update your information at your child's school. You can receive phone calls, emails, and text messages in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, depending on your preference.

    Please note the following phone numbers. These are the numbers that will send you calls or text messages.

    Robocalls: 508-626-9117
    This is the phone number that will call you with automated messages. Please save this number on your phone so you know when it is the automated line vs. your child's school!

    Text Messages: 60680
    This is the number that will text you with FPS messages.