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    A major component of Title I is the involvement of families whose children are served by Title I. 

    Defining Family Engagement: 

    The participation of parents/ guardians in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication as it pertains to academic learning and other school activities. This includes, but not limited to, ensuring that:

    • Parents/Guardians play an integral role in assisting their child's learning 
    • Parents/Guardians  are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's education at school
    • Parents/Guardians are full partners in their child's education and are included, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to assist the education of their child

    Developing Meaningful Parental Involvement by Debbi Herrera

     Families should be involved in a meaningful way regarding the decisions about the education of their children and must take responsibility for supporting schools to improve the academic achievement of their children.

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    Principles of Effective Family Engagement: 

    1. Programs invite families to participate in decision making and goal setting for their child. 
    2. Teachers and programs engage families in two-way communication. 
    3. Programs and teachers engage families in ways that are truly reciprocal. 
    4. Programs provide learning activities for the home and in the community. 
    5. Programs invite families to participate in program-level decisions and wider advocacy efforts. 
    6. Programs implement a comprehensive program-level system of family engagement. 

    Full article available: Principles of Effective Family Engagement


     stay connected  Stay connected at home, at school and with your child stay connected  

    Dear Families, 

    Do you feel that sometimes when you ask your child "How was school today?" not much is said besides "It was good" or "It was okay". 

    Try asking questions like these:

    • "What's the coolest thing that happened at school today?"
    • "What made you laugh during school today" or "How did you feel throughout the day?"
    • "What was the most creative things you did?"
    • "How were you kind or helpful today?" then follow up with "How was someone kind and helpful to you?" 
    • "Tell me what you learned today that you'd like to know more about."

    Avoiding yes/no questions and short answer questions can go a long way! 


    Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below. Your feedback will be used to improve family communication and family involvement activities at our Title I schools. (2019-2020: Barbieiri, Brophy, McCarthy, Stapleton, Wilson and Fuller). 

    Title I Families Survey

  • Did you know

     "Being in school every day means your child won't miss out on learning."

     "Children who regularly eat meals with their families tend to be better at school." 

     "By reading more complex books your child can learn new words, facts, and ideas."