McCarthy School Psychologist

  • My name is Meg Cabot. I am the School Psychologist at McCarthy. I grew up and still live in Newton, where my four children went to school. I completed my bachelor's degree in Psychology at Harvard University and received a Master's and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in School Psychology at Tufts' University. I have worked in the Framingham Public Schools since 1995, starting at Brophy and Fuller. I have been at McCarthy for the last 8 years. I speak Spanish, which helps me communicate with many McCarthy families. 
    As a School Psychologist I am responsible for students' psychological assessments. These evaluations are part of the eligibility meetings for Special Education services. I also work closely with the Counselor, Social Worker and Behavior Interventionist in order to provide the series of Social and Emotional classroom lessons that every McCarthy student receives. These lessons are designed to help kids learn self-regulation and social problem solving skills. I am a resource for teachers as they consider strategies in emotional and behavioral supports, classroom management and academic differentiation to accommodate a variety of children's learning styles. I am also available for parents to help manage home-based challenges and home-school difficulties. Kids can be very different at home and at school! 
    As unfortunate events have come up this year and in the past, I am including here a link to a document from my national organization, National Association of School Psychologists. It has some good guidelines for all of us as we speak to children about high profile violent events. I also have resources for helping children with anxiety and stress that I will be sharing here in the future. 

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