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    January 2018

    Lots has been going on since the start of the school year!  It has been an eventful and inspiring time in the Photo studio.  Here are a couple of highlights to look back as we start a new semester.  

    The Passage Gallery

    The Passage Gallery saw 5 exhibitions during Fall 2016.  Photography 2 students worked in groups to curate shows.  Photographs were submitted by students in Photography 1 and 2 classes.  Each exhibition centered on a theme or idea.  Students were challenged to locate that theme in the work submitted, while also being challenged to re-assess their understanding of their idea based on the submissions.  Gallery talks by students and the conversations that resulted were a bright spot of the fall for Photo 2 students.  

    The Isolation Exhibition


    The Bridge

    Emerging Young Artists Exhibition

    Two Photography 2 students were selected to take part in the Emerging Young Artists Exhibition this February at UMASS Dartmouth. A photograh from Katie Ellsworth and Alex Cahn were selected to be part of 66 artworks from over 800 entries.  Both students showed an incredible work ethic with massive amounts of self-reflection and creativity in their artistic process. 

    Katie Ellsworth

    Katie Ellsworth

    Alex Cahn

    Alex Cahn

    Youth Art Month

    4 students will have work at the State Transportation Building in Boston as part of Youth Art Month in February.  Those students include Lillian McNulty, Dominique Smith, Nicolas Veregas-Cousins, and Stuart Seville.  

    Lillian McNulty

    A Flipped World

    Nicolas Veregas-Cousins

    Still Life

    Stuart Seville

    Stuart Seville

    September 2017

    It’s the start of another school year!  And there is a lot of changes going on around the Framingham High Photography studios.

    Of important note is the addition of a gallery space for the display, critique, and enjoyment of photographs (and other artworks) created by FHS students.  This space will provide a much needed area for reflection, discussion, and display.

    FHS Photography Gallery

    FHS Photography Gallery

    Also of note is that our program will be starting the year with a batch of 24 Canon DSLR cameras, meeting the needs of our students in our entirely full sections of Photography 1.  Some of these cameras were paid for by a grant from the Framingham PTO and others by a grant from the FHSF (Framingham High School Foundation).  

    DSLR cameras

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