9:10 Drop-off time

                  - Draw and dictate (optional for preschool (three year-old children)
                  - Free play time
                  - Project and game time
                  - Welcome Circle – morning group activities
                  - Snack
                  - Children look at books together as other children finish snack
                  - Outside play (weather permitting) or the gym
                  - Projects, small groups and playtime
                  - Story time

    1:00 Lunch
                  - Rest time
                  - Talk time or game time
                  - Good-Bye circle

    3:15 Dismissal and parent pick-up

    **We take a few bathroom breaks during the day. Children may use the bathroom at any time.    
    **Children have access to water any time during the 

    Times are not exact; we follow the children’s interests and lead in the amount of time spent on any activity except for snack, lunch and rest.