Welcome to The Office of Teaching and Learning

  • The Office of Teaching and Learning supports all work related to curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development.  

    The office coordinates curriculum review and development as outlined in the 7-Year Curriculum Review Cycle; organizes district-wide professional development; oversees the administration of formative assessments and the analysis of local and state assessments; and supports school improvement efforts, including the ongoing monitoring of School Improvement Plans and the District Strategic Plan.  Finally, the office seeks to integrate the various functions which impact academic performance including Special Education, Bilingual Education, Gifted and Talented Education, Community Resource Development, Health and Wellness, Title I and Grants. Our goal is to seamlessly support the academic program and service to schools.

    The District has developed a seven-year Strategic Plan that will span from 2023 to 2030. The Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Student Supports worked collaboratively to create a plan that coherently supports each student socially, behaviorally, and socially-emotionally. The plan is outlined here for transparency. 

    Office of Teaching and Learning and Office of Student Supports Strategic Plan (September 2023)

    Instructional Framework Handbook

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