What is the Aspen X2 Portal?

  • Aspen is a secure, web-based school information management system.  It helps school districts track all types of student data- from attendance to conduct, grades to schedules, health to special education.  Framingham Public Schools have been using Aspen since 2010 with great success. We are now initiating a task to be completed by the parent/guardian for a Transportation Request.  This will allow parents to sign up their students for transportation on our school buses.

    What information can I access through The Aspen X2 Portal?
    You, as a parent/guardian, can log into each students account to securely access the information from just about anywhere. With Aspen, you can:

    • Complete a Transportation Request Form
    • View demographics, residential address, Bus Info
    • View contact names and information

    **You can only view, not edit, your child’s demographic and contact data. If you find that it is outdated or incorrect, notify your child’s school building to correct any errors.

    How do I access the system?
    You can log on the Aspen’s Portal from any device that connects to the Internet. 

    1. Open your browser to connect to the Internet.
    2. Go to https://ma-framingham.myfollett.com/aspen/
    3. Enter your Login ID and Password.
    4. The first time you log on, you will be prompted to change your password.  Your home page will then appear.
    5. From a mobile device, once you are logged in, select View Full Site.            

    I do not know my Login ID or password.

    • Your Login ID is always your student’s 6-digit LASID
    • Your default password is your student’s date of birth, as YYYYMMDD.  You will be prompted to change this.  MS and HS students who have accessed the Portal will use their existing password
    • If you have more than one student, you will log in separately for each student using their LASID

    Where can I find my student’s LASID number?

    • Your student’s LASID number is 1 + student’s lunch ID# 
    • On your student’s report card
    • On your student’s bus pass
    • By requesting it through your student’s school

    I’ve signed into Aspen X2 Portal and changed my password, now I forget what my password is.
    You can call 508-782-6928 between the hours of 8:30 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Friday to have your password reset. Aspen X2 Password Reset Request


    Framingham Public School buses are equipped to monitor bus activity with the use of audio and visual recordings. School Administration generally requests to review the footage when a situation on a bus has been brought to their attention. Our current vendor, NRT Bus, may review footage for employee performance evaluations.