Welcome to the Office of the Superintendent

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    Dr. Robert A. Tremblay joined the Framingham Public Schools as Superintendent on April 1, 2017.  Prior to his work in Framingham, he served as Superintendent of Schools for the Town of Weston, Massachusetts and the Town of Milford, Massachusetts.  With more than two decades of school and district leadership experience and a mission-centered approach to long-term strategic planning, Dr. Tremblay works collaboratively to advance a shared vision aimed at sustainable student achievement.

     An active participant in school events at all levels, Dr. Tremblay regularly holds forum events for families and teachers to discuss concerns or program innovations, and consistently affords stakeholders the opportunity to have a voice in key decisions that impact the school district. By being visible and approachable, students, parents, teachers, and administrators recognize that Dr. Tremblay is willing to listen and respond to questions and concerns. Clear and open two-way communication is something he values as an educational leader.

    Dr. Tremblay holds a Doctor of Education degree from Northeastern University; Master of Public Administration degree from Northeastern University; Master of Education degree from Lesley University; and a Bachelor of Music degree from Boston University.  

    I believe my greatest strength is bringing people together to work collaboratively in a culture that is committed to affording opportunities for every student to be successful as they discover their own college or career path. Idealized as a customized learning plan for every student, I am committed to aligning school and community resources with student interest to drive student engagement and success.  I am honored to lead the Framingham Public Schools and look forward to many years of community engagement and student achievement ahead!

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