Health Insurance by MA Group Insurance Commission

  • Be sure to read the Benefit Guide for enrollment details.  GIC Benefit Decision Guide is an overview of GIC benefits; it is not a comprehensive plan handbook. There may be other services that you and your family need.  Contact each plan to find out details about those benefits.

    The GIC provides high-value health insurance and other benefits to the state, municipality, school district employees and retirees (and their survivors and dependents). Find out below about plan options if you are GIC-eligible and how to enroll in benefits during annual enrollment and as a new hire enrollee. Annual enrollment gives current participants an opportunity to review their options and make changes if desired. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

GIC Rates

  • Consider enrolling in a limited network plan (HMO) to save money every month on your premiums.  These plans have the same benefits as the wider network plans but save money because they have fewer physicians, hospitals, and other providers. 

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MYHR Recommendations

  • Contact the plans (not your doctors) to find out if your doctors and hospitals still participate in your plan. Specify the plan’s full name, such as “Harvard Pilgrim Primary Choice Plan” or “Harvard Pilgrim Independence Plan,” not just Harvard Pilgrim.

    Check on copay tier assignments that affect what you pay when you get a specialist or hospital services. Copay tiers can change each July 1.

    See the GIC’s website for the latest annual enrollment news, forms to expedite your decisions and answers to frequently asked questions.  View and print from our website Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents, required by federal health care reform, that provides a summary of a GIC plan’s benefits and cost-sharing requirements.

Benefits Department

  • Maximillian Bastos
    Benefits Manager
    City of Framingham

    Phone: 508-532-5490

Keep in mind!

    • Once you choose a health plan, you cannot change plans during the year, unless you have a qualifying status change or move out of the plan’s service area or are retiring and become eligible for Medicare. If your doctor or hospital leaves your health plan, you must find a new participating provider in your chosen plan.
    • There is a wait period of 60 days for all new hires. Please contact us for more information.