Morning Preschool Classroom Schedule

  • 8:00am - Arrival

    8:10am – Greetings and Morning Routines

    8:20am – Choice Time (Children make selections about what areas of the classroom they would like to play in. Every day, different areas are open.  Choices might include:  kitchen, trains, dollhouse, tool bench, library, blocks, etc.)

    8:40am – Circle time: Greetings, Calendar, Weather (Circle time incorporates many early math, literacy, science and readiness skills.)

    9:00am – Bathroom and Snack

    9:30am – Playground or Gymnasium Fun

    10:00am – Story

    10:15am – Center Time (Math, English Language Arts, Science, Fine Motor, Sensory Explorations, Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement)

    10:35am – Bathroom and Prepare for Dismissal