Daily Schedule

  • Daily Schedule

    8:15- 8:30 Arrival and Welcome (bathroom and put away items)

    11:10-11:25 Group Time 2 (calendar, weather, story & songs which lead into whole group activity)

    8:30-9:15 Choice Time. (Table-top activities, imaginary play, art, sensory activities and math/literacy activities.)

    11:25-11:45 Whole group activity. (Art, storytelling.)

    9:15-9:30 Morning Check-in (Question of the day, choosing jobs, storytime)

    11:45-12:00 Put together rest mats, prep for lunch, bathroom

    9:30-10:00 Snack and bathroom

    12:00-12:45 Lunch and bathroom

    10:00-10:30 Group time (Group discussion, story, whole group activity, creative movement, songs)

    12:45-1:30 Rest time

    10:30-11:10 playground and bathroom

    1:30-2:05 Put rest items away, bathroom, looking at books, storytime, prep for parent pick-up/extended day