Grants Development

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    Education Grants Alert: APPLY TODAY! Under Possible Grants to Persue


    Start planning now for FY2021 federal grant programs.

    The pending new year serves as a great time for you to reflect on which grants were successful for your district and

    to look forwad to planning your 2021 federal-seeking activities. 


    Types of Available Grants:

    Competitive Grant

    • For applicants that meet the criteria listed in the RFP.
    • Reading teams and rating sheets are used in the review process

    Non-Competitive Grant                     

    • Awarded on a first come, first basis.
    • Have a limited number of recipients based on the eligibility criteria.
    • On a continuous basis to the same participants but at a higher level support.

    Continuation Grant


    • Grants were initially competitive and are funded for multiple years on a continuation basis.
    • Recipients are awarded funds at the same level for the following year.
    Entitlement Grant
    • Awarded based on the basis of formulas set forth in laws or regulations.
    • Recipients are entitled to receive funds if they comply with the programmatic requirements outlined in the RFP.


    FPS Grants Development required grant steps: 

    A. Sources available:

          - GDO GrantFinder       - DESE's website      - Grant Watch      - Local organizations*      - General internet search

    *NOTE: 501(c)(3) grants can be applied only by the PTO

    B. Complete the Grants Development/Intent Form as soon as you make the decision to apply for a grant**

    C. Complete grant application (Contact GDO for questions and guidance)

    D.  Submit application to the GDO Team:

            - The GDO Team will do a programmatic and financial review

            - The GDO Team will obtain Superintendent’s signature

    E. The GDO Team will contact you once grant application is ready for pick up for submission

    F. The Grant Manager (GM), must notify the GDO Team on the grant application status of approval

    G. The GDO Grant Financial Manager will set-up an account for the grant using MUNIS. Immediate notification of account set up will       follow as to allow the GM to spend down funds

    H. If the grant involves contractual services, a Service Agreement Form** must be submitted before services begin

    I. The GM submits an End-of-the-Year report of the grant to the GDO summarizing the grant’s effectiveness

    J. Upon completion of the funds, the GDO closes out the grant. The grant process is completed

    **Form available upon request