Brophy Programs and Events

  • Brophy Programs & Events

    pearson logo Success Maker Learning System - This award winning, nationally recognized software package supports differentiation in the classroom, ensuring that each child can learn at their own level and at their own pace in literacy and math.

    music Fifth Grade Musical - Brophy’s music and art teachers collaborate to create a performance extravaganza of music , song and dance starring Brophy’s 5th grade students. A different show with a unique theme and stage artwork is created each year.

    Math Math Night - Math Night is a unique opportunity for parents to have a closer look at what their child is learning in math. Brophy students enjoy the night out as they practice their skills while playing fun math games with their friends.

    recorder Recorder Club - Led by our music teachers, students in the 4th and 5th grade can expand on their 3rd grade instruction of this wind instrument in the Recorder Club. The club has received attention on state and national levels and has performed at various events including the National Conference of Music Teachers and local nursing homes.

    creative arts Creative Arts Programs - Through the ongoing fundraising efforts of the PTO, many enriching programs and performances are brought into the school to enhance learning for the students.

    native american Native American Perspectives – featuring a real tipi that students enter and explore.


    aquarium New England Aquarium’s traveling live tide pool sea creatures exhibit – providing a hands-on learning experience.

    opera Opera to Go – A theatrical and musical presentation where students learn about opera through a lively operatic performance and even get to become part of the show!

    tubman Harriet Tubman and Abraham Lincoln - historical character performances that bring learning to life.


    science Science Fair - Brophy’s annual Science Fair gives students an opportunity to explore a subject outside the classroom curriculum. Each team of students is lead by a parent or teacher “coach” and together they conduct research and experiments to explore a scientific theory. Their findings are proudly showcased to their families and friends on Science Fair night.

    multic Multicultural Fair - This event brings all countries and cultures of Brophy School together for a fun afternoon of celebrating our school’s cultural diversity. Each country displays items such as flags, pottery, dolls, pictures and toys to provide an interesting “tour” of the country. There is also music, delicious food to sample and dance performances by our students.

    family Family Reading Night – A fun evening filled with literacy activities for all ages. Help write a story on the wall, illustrate your favorite characters, play Book Bingo, write and illustrate your own book or sit quietly and read to your parents or they can read to you. The highlights of our evening are the special guest readers. Some have included our Principals reading their favorite books to a group of kids!


    book swap Monthly Book Swap - This program allows students to bring in their gently used books they have read and swap them in for “new” ones. It has been a great way to keep the students reading with an opportunity to exchange books for new ones.

    variety show Variety Show - Many of Brophy’s talented students enjoy this opportunity to get up on stage and do whatever they do best! Proud parents and friends are invited to watch the dance, comedy, and musical performances, to name a few, that fill the evening with an exciting night of Brophy spirit!