Read to a Child

  • Read to a Child What is Read to a Child?
    Read to a Child,, is a national literacy and mentoring non-profit that fosters a love of reading, improves literacy skills, and empowers underserved children by inspiring adults to read aloud to them regularly. When an adult reads aloud to a child, both parties have a joyful, rewarding experience that instills a love of reading, improves literacy skills, and enhances a child’s self-confidence. Read to a Child’s Lunchtime Reading Program utilizes over 1,800 volunteer mentors from more than 100 socially-minded organizations who read one-on-one to over 1,400  at-risk elementary school students in greater Boston, Connecticut, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Miami. 

    At the Brophy School over 80 mentors read weekly to children in grades 1-4. The program runs from October to June. The mentor/child relationship typically extends for multiple years. The program makes a lasting impact for both mentor and child.

    Read to a Child Mission/Vision:
    The mission of Read to a Child is to foster a love of reading, improve literacy skills and empower underserved children by inspiring adults to read to them regularly. The vision of Read to a Child is that one day all children will be read to by a caring adult, improving their chance for success in school, work, and life.

    Read to a Child at Brophy:
    The Lunchtime Reading Program is brought to the Brophy School at no cost due to the generosity of annual donations from Read to a Child’s corporate and organizational partners. Most volunteers are professionals from these corporations and organizations.

    Teachers report that children increase their enthusiasm for books and reading, and their self-confidence. Children rate the program highly all years they participate. Mentors come back year after year because they enjoy the program and know it is making a difference in the life of the child.