Flyer Farms

  • Framingham Flyer Garden

    The Framingham Flyer Farms Courtyard is located at Framingham High School. It is conveniently enclosed between buildings, allowing protection from wildlife as well as providing a greenhouse effect to promote growth. The garden is utilized in spring, summer and fall each year. Our chefs at the high school use each harvest to create a vast array of fresh and nutritious menu options for the entire Framingham School District.

    What's growing? 
    Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Basil, Roses and Other Flowers

    Want to get involved? 
    Students are welcome and encouraged to join the gardening fun! If you are interested or want more information, email

    Framingham Flyer Freight Garden (Hydroponic)

    What is the Hydroponic Farm?
    The Framingham Flyers Hydroponic Farm is a self-sustaining farm.  Hydroponic means we never use any soil. Seeds are grown in moss pods and given water that has vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal growth. We never use any herbicides or pesticides, so all of our produce is organic.

    Fun Facts

      • The farm is a recycled shipping container, protecting the produce from any environmental factors such as bugs and weather.
      • Hydroponic farms use 90% less water than traditional farming in a garden.
      • Our farm produces the same amount of lettuce as a two-acre field!
      • Every school in the Framingham district receives lettuce from the freight farm.
      • You can get involved! Each year, the Framingham Food Services Department employs high school students to help plant, grow and harvest in the freight farm. This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in the school community and gain hands-on learning experience. This opportunity gives Framingham students a unique perspective on biology, nutrition and hydroponic technology.

    Hydroponic Farm