• Class of 2025 - stay tuned for college visits happening in fall 2024!

    All college visits will take place in the College & Career Center (K002), unless otherwise noted.
    Please find the full list of visits for fall 2024 [link tbd].

    Please note!

    • Students should register ahead of time for visits via Naviance.
    • Students MUST go to class, before attending the visit, to get a signed pass for the college visit.
    • Students will not be permitted to attend the visit without a pass from a teacher.
    • Student attendance at the college rep visits is at the discretion of the teacher(s).
    • Students are responsible for making up any missed work from being at a visit.

    To view the schedule and sign up to attend a visit:

      1. Log into Naviance à Naviance.com   
      2. Click the “Colleges” tab at the top of the screen.
      3. Click “College Visits”
      4. Peruse and enjoy!


    Why attend a college visit at FHS? Here are five reasons!

    1.  The admissions counselor visiting Framingham High School from a college or university is the best person to speak to about any questions you may have about the schools you are considering.

    2.  In the College and Career Center at FHS, you are in a familiar setting. So, you may feel more comfortable asking questions than you would be on a college tour. Ask away! The admissions counselor is there for that exact reason.

    3.  The admissions counselor visiting Framingham High School will likely be the first person to READ YOUR APPLICATION to the college! So, it’s a great idea to introduce yourself and allow them to get to know you. When the time comes for the admissions counselor to read your application, they will have a face to put with your name.

    4.  Colleges and universities like to see prospective students demonstrate interest in their school. So, if you attend their high school visit, take a tour on campus, attend an open house, etc., it shows the school that you have a high level of interest. This can sometimes increase your chances of being admitted.

    5.  The representative visiting Framingham High School will bring the most current college information with them. They will also have you fill out an inquiry card to put you on their mailing list. The mailing list will allow you to receive invitations to important events on campus. This will help you get to know the college, its campus, and community better.