• Applying to colleges (step-by-step):

    Step 1) Organizing Required Application Materials & Deadlines
    The website of each college/university to which you are applying will include a list of required application materials. For example, for four-year colleges, the list may include items such as transcripts, 2 teacher letters of recommendation, SAT scores, etc. The website will also list their application options (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, Rolling) and deadlines. It can feel daunting to keep track of everything! We recommend using our College Planning Chart to help you stay organized. We also recommend that seniors applying to four-year colleges use this hand-out, Elements of the Four Year College Application Process, to help understand and keep track of the required pieces of the application.

    Step 2) Teacher Letters of Recommendation
    Seniors applying to four-year colleges will most likely need one to two teacher letters of recommendation. However, they will need to find out the exact number required by checking the "application requirements" on the websites of the colleges to which they are applying. To request a teacher's letter of recommendation, please follow the steps listed in the Teacher Recommendation Letter Guide. You should always plan to give your teachers a minimum of 15 school-days notice prior to your first application deadline.

    Step 3) Counselor Letter of Recommendation
    Seniors applying to four-year colleges will most likely need a counselor's letter of recommendation. However, they will find out for sure by checking the "application requirements" on the websites of the colleges to which they are applying.
    *Please note: when seniors apply to a college/university through the Common Application, a counselor's letter of recommendation is automatically required.

    To request a counselor's letter of recommendation:

    1. Schedule an appointment with your school counselor at least 15 school-days prior to your first application deadline.
    2. Fill out the Student Interview Packet information to bring with you to your appointment.

    Meet with your school counselor to go over the completed Student Interview Packet.
    *Please note: Parents/guardians are also welcome to provide input for the counselor's letter of recommendation by filling out the Parent/Guardian Brag Sheet (EspanolPortugues)

    Step 4) Submit your Student Transcript: What does the senior year transcript include?

    • Final grades in each class, Grades 9 -11 (all rising seniors received a copy of their transcript in the mail over the summer). 
    • Will be sent to the colleges/universities to which you are applying by your request (filling out the "Transcript Request Form").
    • First term grades are sent to colleges/universities automatically to all colleges to which you have previously sent your transcript. 
    • Midyear grades are automatically sent to all colleges to which you have previously sent your transcript.

    Requesting to have your transcript sent to colleges/universities:
    i) Give FHS permission to send your transcript

    1. Create a Common Application account
    2. While on your Common Application account, complete the privacy agreement (FERPA)
    3. Log onto your Naviance account and match the two accounts (Naviance & Common Application)

    *For step-by-step instructions, please see: How to Request a Transcript (2023-24)

    ii) Tell FHS to which college/universities to send your transcript by filling out the “Transcript Request Form” for your school counselor:

    Gold House: Ms. Khazai's students | Mr. Childs’s students
    Green House: Ms. Jones’s students | Mr. Walcek's students
    Blue House: Ms. Donovan’s students | Mr. Burrill's students 
    Silver House: Ms. DeSimone’s students | Ms. Monaco’s students 
    Student Success Academy: Ms. Borr's students
    Welcome Academy: Ms. Criscitiello's & Ms. Trayer's students

    iii) Sending Your Mid-Year / Final Grades to Colleges: For any college to which a senior has requested that FHS send their transcript, mid-year grades will automatically be sent to that college when they become available, which will be by mid-February. This notification is also included on our "Transcript Request" form and is one of the items that each senior signs off on when they turn in the form.

    Step 5) Submit Standardized Tests (ACT, SAT & TOEFL)
    Sending Your  Standardized Test Scores to Colleges: You will need to send your official score report directly to the colleges to which you are applying. *Test scores should be submitted through the College Board at least 14 business days before the college’s deadline. Please note: self-reporting your scores on the Common Application DOES NOT replace this step. You will do this through the test center website:

    Step 6) Financial Aid

    1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - must be completed by any student applying for government loans to pay for college. It becomes available for seniors to fill out starting on October 1 of each year. For more information and to access the application- https://fafsa.ed.gov/.
    2. College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile - an additional financial aid application (for non-government/state loans) that is required by some colleges and universities. Available starting on October 1 each year. For more information- http://css.collegeboard.org/
    3. Scholarships - FHS maintains a database of all scholarships of which we have been made aware that students can quickly and easily access. To access the scholarship database, seniors must log into their Naviance account and click on "Colleges" >> "Scholarship List." For additional information and resources, please access the Scholarships side tab. 

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