About Us

  • Walsh Wildcats

    Mission Statement

    The community of Walsh Middle School is committed to the academic, social, physical, and emotional development of every student. This commitment is supported by a philosophy based on differentiation, participation, high expectations, cooperation, and respect for all.

    Statement of Objectives

    • Stimulate a spirit of inquiry and a desire for learning that will remain with each person throughout life
    • Encourage strong, positive parental support and involvement
    • Reinforce principles of good citizenship and cultural literacy
    • Teach new skills while reinforcing basic skills
    • Provide the opportunity for in-depth study in the various curricula areas
    • Learn how to acquire, organize, and analyze information
    • Develop critical and creative thinking skills
    • Expose students to diverse areas of study in order to help them recognize individual strengths and talents
    • Develop a sense of personal responsibility and an appreciation of respect for the rights of others
    • Promote physical and mental fitness through knowledge of good health and practices of nutrition