Room 17 Happenings!



    -Nonfiction. Readers were exposed to a variety of nonfiction books. Readers learned more about different topics that interested them.

    -Fiction. Readers found fictional stories that interested them. They wrote many letters sharing their opinions of the characters, pictures, and ideas in these stories.

    -Nonfiction Clubs. Readers met in small groups to collect information on a Nonfiction Topic. Readers read through websites, articles, and nonfiction books to learn more information.

    -Series Book Clubs. Readers met in small groups to discuss patterns in their series. Readers were recently given the opportunity to swap their book bin to a new series. Readers will make connections across different series. 

    -Interactive Read Alouds (to date): Ghostville Elementary stories, The One and Only Ivan, Ivy and Bean series 




    -Small Moment Stories. Writers wrote about true stories that happened to them. Writers zoomed in on a short moment, providing detail, action, and dialogue to excite their readers.

    -Opinion Writing. Writers wrote several letters sharing their opinions of various characters, pictures, and ideas from their fictional books.

    -Expert Topic Writing. Writers wrote a chapter book about their "expert" topic, teaching others everything that they know.

    -Poetry: Writers practice using alliteration, repetition, and rhyme to create silly and serious poems. 









    -Telling time

    -Introduction to multiplication

    -Introduction to division



    PLEASE continue reading with your child for at least 20 minutes per evening. Please limit the amount of "screen time" they are exposed to while at home.