Welcome to my class!

  • macqueen Mrs. MacQueen teaches fifth grade at the Woodrow Wilson Elementary school in room 219.  She has been teaching for 27 years in the town of Framingham, with the last 12 years at Woodrow Wilson.

    She lives in Framingham with her husband, two nearly grown children and a crazy dog named Maggie Mae. Reading a great book while sipping a hot cup of coffee is Mrs. MacQueen’s favorite activity.

    Mrs. MacQueen loves teaching fifth graders because they always have a unique way of thinking about the world. Her favorite students are the ones who love to learn through reading, writing and problem solving, but who can also find her coffee cup when she loses it in the classroom.  

    If you love to learn and explore, if you love to listen to a dramatic read aloud, and if you love to do inquiries in history and science then this fast talking, slightly disorganized teacher, in 219 is just right for you.

    Come on by and experience Team 219!