Notes from the McCarthy School Nurse

  • Vaccinations
    Resources for parents about Measles and the vaccine to prevent it

    During this school year, a variety of screenings will be done with your child, including, postural (grades 5-9), vision, hearing height and weight. If you do not wish to have your child participate, please put your request in writing to your school nurse. You will receive notice of abnormal results of postural and vision and hearing screenings.

    Over the Counter Medications (OTC)
    Many parents have signed permission for their child to receive Over the Counter Medications (OTC) from the School Nurse. Dosages for OTC are based on your child’s weight in kilograms. Students are routinely screened for their weight enabling the nurse to administer the correct dosages when necessary.

    Fourth Grade Parents
    Fourth Grade parents are reminded to send in a current physical examination of your child as directed by FPS policy. 

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