From the School Nurse

  • School nurse services include:

    • Providing injury assessments and routine and emergency first aid.
    • Providing illness assessment and when students show symptoms of a contagious disease, I help to make them as comfortable as possible and contact a family member. Certain infectious diseases have to be to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
    • If a student requires medication during school hours, I am responsible for safe storage, dosage, dispense, and disposal. An adult should bring all medication to the nurse. Children cannot carry medication to school.
    • It is part of my job to enforce the Massachusetts immunization requirements and inform and educate parents, staff, and students about potential threats in the school community.
    • Hearing, Vision, and Postural Screening is performed according to state regulations. I advise families if results suggest further evaluation is needed.
    • Procedures such as gastrostomy feedings, catheter care, and blood sugar testing are done for students that require them in order to attend school.
    • Support and assistance is given to students with diabetes, asthma, allergies, cancer, and many other chronic conditions, enabling them to safely attend school.
    • A confidential record of health history, immunizations, screening results, and visits to the health office is maintained.
    • Nursing Assessment is part of a team evaluation used in the development of Individualized Education Plans for students with special needs.
    • I will arrange for physical examinations to be done, or refer parents to providers, as physical examinations are required to be on file for all new students, kindergartners, and 4th graders.
    • I am available for consultation, illness assessment, and first aid for Hemenway employees.
    • Parents are strongly encouraged to communicate health concerns and developments. I can assist the student and consult with the staff to help in maintaining wellness for optimum learning in school
    • Collaboration with students, staff, and families is necessary to promote and maintain a healthy environment.  
    • I am a member of the school's emergency response team.

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    Information on Poison Ivy

    Guidelines for keeping sick kids home

    Due to a documented severe latex allergy in the Hemenway School community, going forward, there cannot be any latex balloons in the Hemenway building. Please keep this in mind when planning activities and celebrations.

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