Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ginny Hoehlein

My name is Ginny Hoehlein, and I want to welcome you to TEAM 36. I am your child's Reading, Writing and Social Studies teacher. Stephanie Sidebottom is your child's Math and Science teacher. Together, we are the GOLD TEAM. Fifth grade is the ultimate experience in elementary school. I promise you will be excited to learn, you will like to be challenged and most importantly, you will have fun this year. I know this is a year like no other, but I am determined to make it one to remember for the rest of your life. And I hope, in a positive and wild way. Let's face it, we are walking in the footsteps of history at this moment. Ten, twenty, fifty years from now, people will ask you about this epic year as a fifth grade student. What will you remember most? What will you never forget? 

This is my sixteenth year teaching fifth grade at Potter Road School. I love teaching fifth graders because they are curious, funny and make me think and learn each and every day. We have an Australian tree frog in our class (or house) named Alexander Hamilton. This is his fifth year at Potter Road. His favorite subjects are HISTORY and WRITING of course, following in the footsteps of his namesake. He also eats up historical fiction and read aloud. 

Teaching fifth grade is a new adventure each and every year. That is what motivates me and excites me. Who knows what we might discover, either at home or at school? Who knows what will happen in the world that will stop us in our tracks and make us think, cringe or jump for joy! When I recall my own fifth grade year in 1967 (YIKES!), it was history and the stories of the past that hooked me: Magellan circumnavigating the world, the 13 Colonies and without a doubt, the Salem Witch Trials. I imagined living in those time periods, wearing those clothes, sailing the seas, and yes, being accused of witchcraft! I kept thinking, did this really happen? History is the ultimate time travel story.

Reading is your golden ticket to gain knowledge about the past, the present and even the future. In the process, you will discover what matters to you most and why? Our virtual library is a work in progress. I make it my mission to continually seek out the rigth books for YOU! What matters to you, matters to me. By far, the greatest joy for me as a teacher each year is sharing read aloud books with my students. Those stories and characters step into our lives and never leave. They plant a long and lasting memory that links us for life. This year will be no different in that regard, which makes me happy.

On a personal note, I have been married to Jack Hoehlein for 38 1/2 years. Our newest and grandest news is that we became grandparents this summer to two new babies! My grown twins (a boy named Jimmy and a girl named Katie) both became parents this summer.. My son Jimmy now has a son named Conrad who lives in New York City. His twin sister Katie, now has a daugther named Ada who lives in Shanghai, China. Yes, that is quite far away. Conrad and Ada have an older cousin, my first grandchild, named Vivian. She is amost two and half years old and lives in Berlin, Germany with my oldest daugther Lauren and her husband Steve. Lastly, my youngest daugther Emily, who is not married, also lives in Berlin, Germany. This Oma, which means grandma in German, is missing her children and grandchildren very much these days. I am grateful to have all of you to teach, to make me laugh and to share your stories to warm my heart each day. 

When not reading and doing teacher work, I enjoy running with members of the Hopkinton Running Club, including Mrs. Kinsella, your Health teacher. I have been running for forty-two years. I actually first stepped into Framingham in 1993, when I came from Chicago to run my first Boston Marathon. I never imagined I would be living and teaching fifth grade in this fantastic community one day. Life is full of surprises.