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  • March 2020

    Reading: Our readers just finished a unit on Poetry reading, where they learned to identify different forms of figurative language (similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia, etc), pay attention to the mood/tone, and read poems with a fluent and expressive voice. Students are moving into a close reading unit, where they learn to read longer texts and jot notes as they go! Students will also learn to answer questions about texts, and identify strong evidence that support their answers.


    Writing: We are in our Literary Essay unit. During the unit, our authors practice defending a strong thesis with multiple specific pieces of evidence from the text. They also learn how to structure an essay with an introduction, evidence paragraphs, and a conclusion.


    Math: We are in our fractions unit. Throughout the units, students learn to identify fractions, partition a whole, identify equivalent fractions, and compare fractions using a pictoral or numberline model.


    Social Studies: We are learning about the American Revolution! During the unit, students learn about the events that led up to the Revolution, as well as the early events of the war. Students are always excited to learn about how this rich history took place right here! 


    2019-2020 Specials Schedule:

    Mondays - Library & Media

    Tuesdays - P.E. (remind your child to wear sneakers!)

    Wednesdays - Art 

    Thursdays - Mindfulness 

    Fridays - Music



  • If you are ordering books from a Scholastic flyer or on the Scholastic website, you can type in our class code, NLCXR, to help us earn points for more classroom books! 


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