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    Photo of the first ECAF Leadership Council Group 2009-2010 who worked on the restructure of the organization. 

    Welcome to the Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham
    A collaboration of community advocates who believe in and actively promote early education.

    We welcome new members from the early childhood community. If you would like to learn more about how to become a group member, contact us.

    Next Steering Committee Meeting: 1st Friday of the Month at 12:00

    Next Leadership Council Meeting: October 26, 2022 
    ECAF BBIP Event: TBD

    ECAF Leadership Council Meeting Schedule

    2019 - Look how we have grown!

    Look how we have grown!

    Photo taken at the Annual Brain Building in Progress event sponsored by the ECAF every year.

Recent History of Organization

  • In 2011, ECAF Leadership Council moved into the next phase of developing the organizational structure and the 3 Year Strategic Plan.  You can read documents about our progress and accomplishments by clicking on the links in the table below. Our sincere thanks to the EEC and the Sudbury Foundation for funding these efforts.

    The ECAF Leadership Council Strategic Planning Group is recognized for their evident commitment to the process as well as their ongoing dedication to serving all children in Framingham. Thank you for your time, patience, enthusiasm and expertise.

    We are also grateful to our facilitator, Dodi Swope, who guided us skillfully through the process.

    And so the seeds are planted now let the garden grow...  We planted additional seeds in our neighboring community of Ashland in 2014 where we developed the Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) site, which flourished.  In the summer of 2017, we decided to have the MetroWest YMCA take on Ashland, Holliston and Hopkinton communities, where they will continue to grow a strong CFCE under a new name "Project ABC".  We are happy that we played a role in the development of a strong program and enabling the expansion to these communities.

    The winter of 2018 was spent on updating our early childhood needs assessment.  We have made much progress in the last 8 years and seen many strengths in how we all support families and our community partners.  To view the full report, click here


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