Life Insurance by AllState or Boston Mutual

  • As the primary breadwinner of your household, how will your family survive without your income? How will you care for your children and work if your children's caregiver pre-deceases you?

2023-2024 Benefits Guide

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Plan Overview

  • The foundation of a sound financial plan.

    Meet with one of our Licensed Insurance Advisers and complete our Comprehensive Financial Questionnaire to determine your insurance needs.

    Licensed Agency for Savings Bank Life Insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I sign up?
    You are eligible to sign up for permanent life insurance within the first 30 days of employment or during an enrollment period.

    What is permanent life insurance?
    Permanent Life Insurance is a cash-value insurance policy.  You are eligible to get coverage for yourself, a spouse, or dependent(s).  The permanent life policy offers guaranteed level premiums, cash values, and fixed death benefits. The permanent life option is yours to keep at the rates you are offered when your policy is accepted. 

    Why shouldn’t I buy the Term Life Option?
    While the City of Framingham offers you a basic amount even when you are retired, it may not be enough to cover funeral costs, and term insurance ends at some point. The permanent life option is yours for as long as you continue to pay premiums.

    What are the costs of permanent life insurance?
    Rates are based on your age and sex. Once your policy is issued, your rates are to remain level.   

    Should I wait until I’m older to sign up for this coverage?
    When you get older and are in more need of insurance, you may not be medically capable of qualifying. The younger you sign up, the less the premium will cost.    

    Can this policy be deducted from my paycheck as other benefits?
    Yes, Permanent Life Insurance also includes convenient payroll deductions.

    Can I keep this policy if I leave employment?
    Yes, this policy is portable (YOU OWN IT).  You can take your policy with you at the same rate as when you were an employee.                    

Keep in Mind

  • Employees can elect to participate in the Life Insurance program during the open enrollment in April with the effective date of July 1. The enrolment process is done directly through Allstate or Boston Mutual.