Cancer Insurance by AllState

  • As reported by the American Cancer Society, 35% of the cost of cancer is directly related to medical care, which should be covered by your health care provider.  The indirect costs, such as lost income, co-pays, and transportation expenses, total 65% of the cost of fighting the disease of cancer.  One in two men and one in three women will face the personal battle of cancer in their lifetime,

Group Cancer Insurance Brochure

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Plan Overview

  • Help pay for both the medical and non-medical costs associated with cancer treatment.

    Individual and family coverage is available.

    Preventative Care benefits include.

    Benefits are paid directly to the insured.

    Pays benefits in addition to any other insurance plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I sign up?
    Within the first 30 days of employment or during enrollment.

    Why do I need the Cancer Expense Plan if I have health insurance?
    The American Cancer Society estimates that 30% of the cost of fighting cancer is “Direct” costs which are paid for by your health plan; doctor visits, prescriptions, surgeries, etc. The other 70% of Indirect” costs come out of the patient’s pocket; lost income, co-pays, transportation, hotel, child care, special diets, etc.

    How much does it pay?
    The first occurrence benefit can be as high as $7,000, and hospital confinement can be as much as $200 per day. Benefits are paid based upon “Severity of Illness” as determined by diagnosis and course of treatment with no maximum.

    Do I have to use the money for things related to medical expenses?
    No benefits are paid directly to the insured, with no questions asked.

    Can my whole family be covered?
    Yes, family and individual policies are available.

    Are there benefits to having cancer screenings?
    Yes, each insured person is eligible for an annual $50.00 Wellness Benefit available for most cancer screenings such as mammography, Pap smear, PSA test, and sigmoidoscopy. This benefit is paid regardless of the test results.

    I have had cancer. Can I get the policy?
    Yes, it is possible to get the plan even if you have had cancer. There may be certain exclusions, so please speak with your Benefits Specialist for specific details. 

    Can the benefit be pre-taxed, like my health insurance?
    Yes, the premiums can be pre-taxed without affecting the benefit received.

    How much does it cost?
    There are different coverable options, but an individual policy can cost as little as $4.89 per week.

    Can I keep this policy if I leave employment?
    Yes, this policy is portable (YOU OWN IT) at the same rates as when you were an employee.

Keep in Mind

  • Employees can elect to participate in the Cancer Insurance program during the open enrollment in April with the effective date of July 1. The enrolment process is done directly through Allstate.