• We are committed to maintaining the safety and security of our community at FRAMINGHAM PUBLIC SCHOOLS. As part of our safety and security efforts, all prospective and current employees and student teachers must undergo fingerprinting for a national criminal record check.

    This mandatory procedure goes beyond the standard CORI background check, reinforcing our commitment to creating a safe environment for everyone. By adhering to this requirement, we are able to access a broader range of information that helps us make well-informed and responsible decisions when hiring individuals to join our school community.

    The national criminal record check involves utilizing fingerprinting technology to conduct a thorough examination of an individual's background. This process is aligned with legal requirements and is necessary to uphold our dedication to safety and security within FRAMINGHAM PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Rest assured that any information obtained from this check will be treated with restricted confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of safety and security. 


  • All new hires must go to the registration website to register for a fingerprinting appointment at one of the available enrollment centers. Substitutes and Student Teachers may provide up to 10 district organization codes to eliminate the need to pay the fee multiple times.

    Unlike the state CORI checks with no associated fee, individuals will pay a fee to comply with this requirement of $35.00 for non-licensed employees and $55.00 for DESE Licensed Professionals (including those with pending applications/licenses).

    Substitutes are school employees under the new law and, therefore, must submit their fingerprints for state and national checks. If substitute teachers hold educator licenses issued under G.L. c.71, § 38G, they will pay the $55 fee; otherwise, they will pay the $35.00 fee.

    You will be provided with a fingerprint receipt. Kindly keep this receipt as evidence that your fingerprints have been successfully taken. If you have already been fingerprinted, please request a Suitability Letter for those who possess the results. The letter can be e-mailed or mailed to us. 

    Fingerprinting Provider: IdentoGO Center at Waltham, MA
    Provider ID: 01000000 - Framingham Public Schools

Suitability Letter