CARE Program

  • CARE Guide for Parents

    Why did Barbieri develop CARE?
    Based on feedback from staff, families and students, we have developed a School Wide Positive
    Behavioral System. The goal of the CARE program is to create a regular, predictable, positive
    learning environment.

    What does CARE stand for?
    C stands for “Classroom and School”; “Clase y Escuela”: We take care of the classroom and
    school physical environment, materials, our own belongings and the belongings of others
    A stands for “Academics”; “Académico”: We take learning seriously and complete our
    schoolwork and homework. We are prepared to learn. We show that we are capable and
    competent students. We improve in our learning.
    R stands for “Respect toward myself and others”; “Respeto a mi mismo y los demás”: We
    allow for everyone to feel safe and comfortable at school. Each person has the right to their own
    opinion, to positive relationships and to be treated well. We connect with others. We have a
    cooperative attitude and show self-control.
    E stands for “Effort”; “Esfuerzo”: We give our best and do high quality work. We try hard,
    work hard, and strive ahead. We have a positive attitude.

    How does CARE work?
    All staff members teach and acknowledge the same CARE values and behaviors (See the
    Barbieri CAREs Matrix) using the following components:

    1. Sunshine ticket raffle and rewards
    2. CARE Student of the Week
    3. CARE Assemblies
    4. Community Spirit Days
    5. Barbieri School Pledge and Song
    6. CARE clubs (5th grade only)

    All staff members follow a system of consequences to discourage behavior that interrupts
    learning using the following components:

    1. Cloud Classroom Consequence System
    2. CARE Self Reflection (to be sent home when student behavior has not improved)
    3. Barbieri Discipline Report
    4. Office Referral

    How will parents know how their own child is doing in the CARE program?
    A Weekly CARE Report will be sent home at the end of each week. Please support your child as
    a student by reviewing the Weekly CARE Report with them each week.

CARE Matrix

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