School Bus Safety Guide

  • We are pleased to share this information on how to be a safe bus rider. Ensuring student safety at bus stops and while riding to and from school is our most important priority. It is also a partnership between parents, students, bus drivers and school. So, we encourage parents and students to take a few minutes to review the safety steps and guidelines.

    Our school bus drivers and transportation staff are focused on delivering safe and secure transportation to the students of Framingham every single day.

    Bus Rider Responsibilities

    Going to the Bus Stop

    • Use sidewalks where provided. If no sidewalks, walk on the left shoulder of the street facing traffic.
    • Cross streets at corners or crosswalks.
    • Use a direct route; avoid crossing yards or empty lots to get to the bus stop.
    • Arrive five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive for pickup.
    • Be aware of suspicious individuals on foot or in motor vehicles. Report such persons to your bus driver or school principal.
    • DO NOT accept rides from strangers, even if you miss the bus.

    Waiting at the Bus Stop

    • Wait away from the traffic. Stay at least three feet off the road or street.
    • Respect the property around the bus stop. Do not pick flowers or shrubs, throw stones, snowballs, litter, etc.
    • Use appropriate language at all times.
    • Avoid blocking sidewalks or driveways.
    • Respect other students by not pushing, shoving or fighting.
    • Wait for the bus to stop completely before approaching or preparing to leave.
    • When the bus arrives, stay away from the Danger Zone.
    • NEVER run to catch a moving bus.

    Boarding and Exiting the Bus

    • If you have to cross the street, go at least 5 big steps (10 feet) in front of the bus and wait until the driver signals for you to cross the street.
    • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door is opened before boarding.
    • Board single file.
    • Use the handrail to keep from slipping, falling or tripping.
    • Put items (e.g. small musical instruments, backpacks, etc.) in the seat area. They must be placed in the student’s lap or stored between the student’s legs.
    • When exiting the bus look to the right before stepping onto the curb.
    • NEVER go back to the bus after you get off it. If you drop something, wait until the bus is gone.

    Riding on the Bus

    • Follow the driver’s instruction at ALL times.
    • Remain in your seat until the bus arrives at your stop.
    • Speak in a quiet voice. Your voice should not be heard above others.
    • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    • Dangerous objects are not allowed on the bus.
    • Do not throw objects inside the bus or out the window.
    • Do not use profanity, including words or gestures.
    • Do not tease, bully or harass others.
    • Do not spit.
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
    • Do not vandalize the bus.

    Student Conduct

    The school bus is considered to be an extension of the classroom.

    Minor Violations
    Penalties range from 1-20 days suspension of bus privileges depending on violation frequency.

    • Disrespect towards the bus driver and others
    • Sexual, verbal, physical and emotional harassment of others
    • Improper seating practices, such as lying across a seat, changing seats, blocking the aisle, or standing while bus is in motion
    • Fighting or use of physical force on the bus or at the bus stop
    • Vandalism and theft to the vehicle or personal property at the bus stop or on the bus
    • Other violations detrimental to the health and welfare of other bus riders or physical property of the transportation carrier

    Serious Violations
    Penalties range from 1-20 days suspension or dismissal of bus privileges.

    • Lighting a fire
    • Carrying a weapon on the bus (real or imitation)
    • Deliberate tampering/opening emergency doors
    • Physical and/or sexual assault
    • Smoking or chewing tobacco or possession/use of other controlled substances
    • Other violations detrimental to the health and welfare of other bus riders or physical property of the transportation carrier

    Printable Version

    School Committee Policies: EEAEC, EEAEC-R-1

    Link to the FPS School Committee Policy: Student Conduct on School Buses


    Framingham Public School buses are equipped to monitor bus activity with the use of audio and visual recordings. School Administration generally requests to review the footage when a situation on a bus has been brought to their attention. Our current vendor, NRT Bus, may review footage for employee performance evaluations.