FPS Website Subscription

  • Did you know that you can subscribe to the Framingham Public Schools District website? 

    Signing up with an account will make our website your one-stop shop for all the latest news and information going on in the district. When you sign up you'll have the ability to:

    • subscribe to specific areas of sites -- get the news YOU need
    • receive e-alerts
    • stay up-to-date with all things FPS

    Below you'll find a video and step-by-step instruction process on how to sign up for your own FPS website account

How To Subscribe Video

Step-By-Step Account Creation


    At the top-right side of the homepage you’ll see a button titled USER OPTIONS Click it and select the REGISTER dropdown option.

    Screenshot shows where to sign-in or register

    The next page will ask to key in your date of birth

    Screenshot shows where you enter your DOB when registering on the website.


    Entering your DOB and clicking SUBMIT will bring you the registration page where you will key some basic information which will build your profile.

    Screenshot shows the form to finish registering on the FPS Website.

    *Items with a red asterisk are required

    Once you’ve Agreed to the Schoolwires Terms of Use and clicked SUBMIT you’ll be asked to sign-in for the first time

    Image shows Success screen when registering for the FPS website

    To do this, you’ll select the USER OPTIONS button again at the top-right side of the page and choose SIGN-IN

    User Options dropdown shows how to sign in or register for the FPS website

    Once you’ve successfully signed in, the USER OPTIONS selections change giving you the ability to customize your profile.

    User Options dropdown once signed in to the FPS website: edit account settings or sign out.

    If you click EDIT ACCOUNT SETTINGS you’ll be able to sign-up for notifications from specific departments, schools, teachers, and clubs!

    Image shows account settings which can be edited from this screen.

    To manage what people or schools you’d like to stay up-to-date with just select SUBSCRIPTIONS

    Image shows the Subscriptions account settings where you can select and mange your e-alerts.

    Then you’ll select MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS


    Your first option will give you the ability receive general notifications from specific schools. If you want to narrow down your subscriptions even more just select OTHER AREAS OF INTEREST


    This gives you the opportunity to subscribe to sites, departments, and specific pages within the FPS district site.